Youth for ICT Development


Information Technology Society, Nepal (ITS-Nepal) is a forum for all ICT related Students, Youth Professional and entrepreneurs with a slogan “Youth for ICT Development”. ITS-Nepal is non profitable and non political organization established in 2003 with main objectives of extending ICT awareness to every level of personnel by organizing different level of programs on different base along with updated and suitable resources.

The forum targets at the development of IT Sectors, by making active participation in all those IT events. It aims at providing its members with an environment where their skill, expertise and professionalism can groom and mature so that they can be in better position. The primary objective of ITS-Nepal is to bring together the students of the country under a single umbrella and become their united voice and slogan as well.

ITS-Nepal has been conducting different programs from its inception. The major programs includes Free Computer Training (Helping Hand Scheme I-X) in Kathmandu, Butwal, and Mahendranagar, IT- Conference on “Information Society: The Role of New Generation”, Publishing of Bimonthly National IT-Magazine “Informer”, IT Seminar in Mahendranagar, Different Surveys in Kathmandu and Outside, Publication of IT Directory, different talk programs and seminars, IT Road Show Program.


  1. Work on theoretical and research based areas related to Information Technology.
  2. Provide training, tutorials and related technical works for the encouragement of IT literacy among different groups of people.
  3. Make a keen participation in seminars, research discussion and workshops so as to provide a broader and greater view for IT policy.
  4. To actively pursue burning ICT issues of the country, this requires professional and academic attentions.
  5. To become a professional forum for the IT students of the whole nation.
  6. To advocate and act for the general interests of the IT students of the country.
  7. To collect and disseminate information regarding the ICT sector of the country.
  8. To be aware of the legal and regulatory issues affecting the ICT industry and to actively support the progressive legislation that clarifies these issues without restricting its growth or creativity.
  9. To explore new horizon of challenges and opportunities that can boost the technological, economic and educational scenario of the country.

Latest News


  • Android Development Workshop

    Information Technology Society Nepal always promotes creative minds and energetic youths. This time ITS Nepalhas announced Android Application Development Workshop

  • College Representative Meet – 2019

    Information Technology Society Nepal(ITS-Nepal) is organizing college representative meet – 2019. This is the first event of recently formed executive

  • One day workshop on SageFrame

    Information Technology Society, Nepal (IT-S, Nepal) and Braindigit IT Solution are jointly organizing A day workshop on Sageframe on 16th

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