Youth for ICT Development

Regular Activities

1. Talk Program

The main objective of the program is to share the knowledge and experience on any ICT related specific topic or current burning issues by different resource persons with specially youth and students.

Generally these types of programs are organized fortnightly or monthly. Participations of about 50-60 interested candidates are made involved in this program and thus creating an environment of progressive discussion.

2. ICT Conference

IT-S Nepal conducts various ICT conferences in colleges, National and International Level. At the start, CAN (Computer Association of Nepal) played vital role for successful accomplishment of IT Conference in 2005 during mega event CAN Info-Tech 2005. This was our great achievement and gave inspiration to conduct such programs on upcoming days as ICT Conference.

2.1 College level conference

This is a one day ICT Conference conducted in one of the IT related college’s premises. Participation of about 150-200 students are involved with paper presentation from different professionals.

2.2 National level conference

This type of conference is conducted on national level half-yearly or yearly depending on the circumstances and the current situation of the nation. This is also a one day program with about 200-250 participants from all over the country. National level and International level expertise with the presence of member of policy maker present their paper regarding sector of ICT development.

2.3 International Level Conference

With papers from different countries on different tracks are involved in this conference with participation from different countries of about 200-250 numbers. IT-S Nepal conducts the International Level Conference once in a year. Recently, South Asian level ICT Conference was held in our Co-ordination at DECC.

3. ICT Survey

IT-S Nepal has been involved in various IT survey in co-operation with different organizations. “IT Security in Nepal” and “Status of IT Companies in Nepal” are some of the surveys done with the Co-operation of CAN (Computer Association of Nepal). Besides these, “Software Competition” program was done in Co-operation with Microsoft Development Partner (MDP, Nepal).

4. Helping Hand Program

One of the main activities of IT-S, Nepal is “Helping Hand”. This program focuses for those who are in search of IT education but don’t have enough money to pay. In this program underprivileged students are admitted in this class and if possible they are again recommended for job placement. Also we make an environment of internship for the fresh IT students in different IT organizations.  Helping Hand is being famous not only in valley but also outside the valley spreading IT education to every people of the nation.

5. Exhibition/Technical event in CAN InfoTech

ITS-Nepal is a sectarian member of Computer Association of Nepal (CAN).The CAN InfoTech is a yearly organized country’s largest ICT expo. CAN provides ITS-Nepal a space to expose out its activities in CAN InfoTech and CAN SofTech. ITS-Nepal has always been promoting the local talent and expertise by exhibitions and competitions related to ICT development. ITS-Nepal also organizes conference and talk program the event in coordination with CAN. The engineering and other technical students in the country are potential and expertise in technologies. But it has always been challenge to get exposure as we lack technical industries and research centers. ITS-Nepal is supporting & will always be providing platform to such local expertise & talents.

Our active participation during other CAN InfoTech is listed below:


CAN InfoTech (Year)

Event from ITS-Nepal

Participants numbers

1. 2005 ICT Conference
Music competition between engineering and IT colleges
2. 2006 ICT Exhibition
Publication of ICT Diaries
3. 2007 ICT Exhibition
One day conference- “Building e-Nepal: The Role of New Generation”
4. 2008 ICT Exhibition
Conference- “”
5. 2009 Robotics Exhibition
Two day conference-“”
6. 2010
7 2011
8. 2012


6. Research

There are more than three dozens of  of institution in the country related to ICT and Engineering in the country only from which more than four thousand students graduate each year. However there is lack of available industries that can accommodate these graduates.  Also the available companies demands is insufficient for the  fresh graduate.  In addition to that there are large number Engineers and technical resource graduating each year from the foreign countries. Hence the competition is tough. The then two executive member Sudeep Khan And Shailendra Jha under their coordination has initiated the research.

Below is the ppt presentation of the research, they presented the research in different conferences and talk programs.


Need of Industry based report curriculum is below.


7. IT-S Panorama

A monthly publishing, IT-S Panorama, is ICT related magazine. This is a platform for those students who want to share their ICT related creation and knowledge with all of the members of IT-S Nepal and other interested people.


8. National ICT Day Celebration


9. E-Education Project

The project is modified version of “Helping Hand Program” coordinated by ITS-Nepal in the past. Nepal has diversified geography from sea-level to the highest mountain of which we are proud. But unfortunately economic imbalance in the country result digital divide that ITS-Nepal consider as a big challenge and feels necessary to take further steps to minimize the gap of E-literacy. Hence E-Education project has been initiated under the leadership of Shailendra Jha. The pilot project will be launched in January 2013.



Latest News


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